Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What's on my tivo?

The Mayor (that's Brian for you boyfriend is the Mayor of Drunktown...) and I watch tv. Sometimes we watch a lot of tv. But we stick to what's on the dvr list most of the time. We recently added two new shows to the rotation: Planet Earth and Deadliest Catch. I haven't watched Planet Earth yet but I have heard its brilliant...but damn if Deadliest Catch isn't the most addictive thing in the world. This is high drama people...and not a wimpy "how can I pole dance in this pink thong" pussycat girl reality television...this is danger...people die on this show. For real. We love it. I think Captain Phil is Brian's hero. You should love it too. In general, I rail against reality television...but my exception is the Discovery Channel. I love Mythbusters and have been known to spend a good chunk of a sunday watching Dirty Jobs or Shark Week. Hell, I will even watch Future Weapons if the mood strikes me.
dude with a crab
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Brian watches The Riche$ (which I like but have not been watching regularly), 30 Rock, Sopranos, and Boston Legal religiously. We both love crime shows: Bones, Numbers, CSI Vegas, Law & Order: SVU and Criminal Intent made the tivo list. Then we both feel the love for Veronica Mars, My Name is Earl, Office, Supernatural, Dresden Files, and Heroes. Then I have my geek shows: Smallville, Stargate, and Stargate Atlantis. We love Battlestar but we fell behind and are desperately waiting for the the season three dvds and dodging spoilers left and right.

So I think that's it...lots of tv...sweet sweet tv.


AthenaMuze said...

Where on earth do you find the time?!? Regardless, I totally agree on the Deadliest Catch. Totally amazing. I had to get my husband stop watching it before we went to bed because it was giving me the most intense, disturbing dreams. Also, thanks for the birthday wishes! :)

alyrenee said...

Multi-tasking. I am a huge multi-tasker. I rarely just sit on the couch and watch ye olde boob tube. I am usually painting, drawing, sewing, knitting, editing, writing, etc... I am also an insomniac at times so you can pack alot of tv in when you can't sleep.

But I am with you on the Deadliest Catch and dreams...I have had more than one tense crabbing dream.

Oblivion said...

I LOVE the Deadliest Catch, and even after a marathon of watching 6 or 8 saved up episodes, I keep coming back for more. Crazy.

Athenamuze - I very seldom remember my dreams, but one of the more bizarre ones that I do remember of late was spawned by Deadliest Catch. In one episode, one of the deck hands did something strange where he held the back end of one of the crabs in his mouth, then like twisted the legs forward and the whole thing kind of exploded. It was like a victory ritual of ripping out your foes heart or something. Odd. Well in my dream, that crab got payback by eating that guy's face Alien-style. And of course, I was that guy.

We watch a LOT of TV, too, but like Aly, it's as much background music as anything. All hail the DVR (I use MythTV - even skips commercials at the touch of one button making the most out of your viewing time!).