Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Episode #017 Sexy and Seventeen Anya Vengeance Spectacular

In this episode: News, Mr Gordo, Mr Pointy & Anya toys, Goodbye to You, Anya Bunny Fear Challenge, Selfless, Harry Dresden Files, and Buffy Season Eight #1 Long Way Home Part II.

more detailed notes to come shortly...or when i feel like it....which could be never...


SupComTabz said...

I loved your reading of my fanfic! :)

Oh.. and I'm listening to your review of #2. BTW.. the slayers talking about love is about the AfricanAmerican slayer girl whose hot for Xander. Not Buffy. :)

alyrenee said...

Hmm...i will have to looka that scene again. I got the impression they were discussing Buffy's crush, not Renee's crush on Xander. I could be wrong though.

And thank you for the ruled.

Anonymous said...

I totally think that the "gun" was a grappling hook. I never thought it was a gun. When other people were saying the slayers had guns I could only think back to the show when Buffy was explaining to Willow and Xander that if they called the cops to fight the vampires they would bring guns and guns don't kill vampires (although I imagine they do kill other things). Besides, after the sensitivity that was taken in the show to avoid guns most of the time it seemed unlikely. After all, Batman shot a grapple out of a "gun".

Pearl said...

The gun Buffy is holding is for the forcefield which was surrounding the building.

fozziebare13 said...

Yea I think everyone was right about it supposed to have been a grappling hook or something else, but it still looked like Buffy was holding a gun in the iconic first scene.

Also SO glad you focused a lot on Anya this cast. She's such a favorite because she's like the Karen Walker/Bette Davis/Alexis Carrington of Buffy. She always says what she thinks, does what she wants and looks fabulous doing it.

One last thing. I like that you're bringing in guests for other opinions, but I wasn't much of a fan of your most recent guest/friend. I'm sure he's a very nice guy but came off as a little negative toward what we love about Buffy and about your cast, and quite frankly, he came off as pretty homophobic. *sad*

AthenaMuze said...

Take a look again, Tabz is right, it's Renee's crush, otherwise the line about signing them up for duty makes no sense.

Also I kinda have to agree with fozziebare13 on your boyfriend here. He seems not too interested in the show unless it has violence and the show is so much more than that. It's cool to have dissenting opinions, but kinda rough when he is dissing the very thing we are tuned in for.

This was a great ep and I very much enjoyed it, despite the fact that you failed to discuss Xander's absolute double-stantardy-ness throught the whole show. (but you probably knew I would say that) ;)

Oblivion said...

Not much to say about this ep. other than I love Anya (we even named our first bird after her), and I'm glad you're sticking with the MP3 format.

I guess that I could throw in that I didn't mind hearing Brian's (I hope that's right) opinions. If I like a show/band/song/painting/person/etc. enough, it really doesn't matter a bit if someone else DOESN'T like it. If we just listened to opinions exactly like ours, what would be the point?

BTW, unrelated to the show, just as I am typing this comment, INXS came up on random on my jukebox. I love that the universe has a sense of humor.

alyrenee said... I'm sorry that people think brian is a negative homophobe. so not the case. he quite likes both gay folks and buffy. But I will be reissuing the podcast without that comment about Bob (which is in reference to the very different approach the actor is taking towards the role as opposed to what's written in the book).

Also...brian is kidding about the violence...i guess people just don't get his sense of humor. But I enjoy having a guest on the show with some perspective. I am so immersed in the buffy-verse that its very hard to have any unbiased opinion on the show. He is not a rabid fan...he enjoys it and approaches it as he would any show...and not like buffy or joss is a member of the family.

And after reading the comic book yet again I guess I see that the girls are talking about Renee's crush and not Buffy's...but its not super clear. But I agree with you...just could have used some clarification i guess.

fozziebare13 said...

Hey Alyrenee, I knew that was the case with Brian. I have a best friend (that lives near Chicago and would love you BTW) who has that same sense of humor as Brian. Most people don't get him, but I think he's freakin' hilarious. We trust your opinion so I'm sure Brian's awesome, but it was just such a change from hearing your positive, Buffy-love that it caught me off-guard.
Yea, I'm putting Zs at the end of words again. It'z gonna be the new big thing.

Pearl said...

I like Brians sense of humour too.I think Europeans would get that humour alot better,since that's what i am and I think he's funny, it's better to have a different perspective on things rather than having a podcast where Buffy is perfect and the show could do no wrong, that would get Boring. You're doing a great job, and your podcast is what i look most forward to every week. :)

AthenaMuze said...

Don't get me wrong, I really like differing opinions, really. I was just put off after so much negativity with no actual discussion as to why. I got the humor too, and never actually thought he was actually bashing anyone. Just thought it was a lot of "nope, don't like it." When you pointed out his reasons for not liking it were based on a false assumption all we got was "nope, don't like it." It's fine to have people who don't agree and I'll bet most Buffy fans can point out any number of flaws in the show. Really though this was a tiny thing and not overall a huge issue. I just was surprised that I wasn't the only one thinking it. I normally wouldn't have mentioned it though. Really a very entertaining cast.

SupComTabz said...

I like Brian on the cast (but that's because I like listening to you two banter).