Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Whedonverse Track at Dragoncon!

Heading to Atlanta for Dragoncon this September? be sure to check out the awesome events listed in the Whedonverse track of programming! If you are going...i would love to have a Undead American correspondant live at the event!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Heroes Custom Action Figures on Ebay!

Yes...once again...I am cheating on the Buffyverse. But once again..I offer you the chance to harness my genius in the form of tiny plastic people...

Claire Bennet

Nathan Petrelli

Mohinder Suresh

Jessica/Nikki Sanders

I've cheated on you...Me on Starkville's House of El

Hey...I was recently a guest host on the fabulous Smallville Podcast: Starkville's House of El! Check it out...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

squeal! ripper a go for BBC next year! and more awesome news!

According to folks posting on Whedonesque live from the Joss Whedon panel at SDCC...

There will be a 90 minute Ripper movie planned for the bbc next year...i might wet myself.

Also Drew Goddard and Joss wrote a movie together...something about a cabin...

Oz will come back in season 8! Wesley will also be there in some way...and lots of badness occurs in the aftermath of Wolfram and Hart's downfall.

Joss is writing a ballet with Summer Glau!

Joss has a new comic coming out at Dark Horse called Sugarshock!

More Fray coming!

He is still up for the big damned sequel!

Oh yeah...and a SEASON 9 for the buffy comics!

click the link to read the comments on . Look for posts by Deanna Bhttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Episode #021 Totally Legal Now! News, Beer Bad, The Chain, & Six Feet Under

Welcome to the 21st episode of Undead America...We are final legal to get our drink on here at the podcast! For your enjoyment: Whedon News, Season Four's Beer Bad and drinking in the Buffyverse, "The Chain" Season 8 comic review, and a Designer Imposter segment on Six Feet Under!

Warning! This a long ass episode. And my garageband decided it hates me so there is a bit of sound weirdness...i am aware of it so don't send me 20 emails telling me about it. Thanks!


-Farsape get's webisodes!
-Comiccon this weekend!
-Go check out online trailers for the Cloverfield film from JJ Abrams and written by our very own Drew Goddard. Looks sweet!
-David Greenwalt has a new vampire show for the fall season called Moonlight on CBS! Also featuring Jason Dohring! (Logan from my beloved Veronhttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifica Mars!)
-Buffy Singalong got a spot on NPR
-If Magazine has a swell interview with ASH: part one and part two
-Sponsor me for Slayathon!

Toys section:

Blue Sun travel posters...I adore them

Premium format Spike Review

Capt. Mal bust images!

Buffy Sereis 3 Deluxe Figures Review!


-Steven DeKnight Interview
-Buffy as a gateway comic book article

Book Report: State of Buffy Books by BuffySMGLover aka Tim Cox!

Designer Imposter: Six Feet Under by Prof Elizabeth

Episode Review: Beer Bad

Interview with Doug Petrie on episode!

Beer Bad related Fan Fiction (mostly naughty)
Cave Buffy fan fiction

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Undead America Store...

I set up this store thingie with Amazon. Buy stuff and support this fine podcast...or rather buy stuff and support this half-assed podcast. Cheers.

Click to buy all things Whedon!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Episode #020 The Office, Buffy CCG, Malice, Chubby Cordy

Special Guest Jason and I talk Angel Season 4, Designer Imposter: The Office, Gaming: Buffy Collectible Card Game, News on Joss' Auction for Equality Now, Comics Roundup, and Book Review Go Ask Malice pgs. 101-149


Joss's auction and post on whedonesque.com
Equality Now
Slayathon! Donate now!

Buffy Omnibus is out!
Buffy Season 8 #5
Buffy Season 8 Long Way Home TPB
Buffy Cover to Cover

Buffy CCG online www.buffyccg.com or www.btvsccg.com

Discussion on Angel Season 4 with Jason:
Jason's upcoming podcast! We Are As Gods!

Designer Imposter: The Office

Question of the Week! Evil Cordy: Love her, Hate her, or Ewwww?
Call the NEW hotline number at 206-424-9127!

Listen to my article on the recent Farscape Scapecast Episode #33!