Thursday, July 26, 2007

Episode #021 Totally Legal Now! News, Beer Bad, The Chain, & Six Feet Under

Welcome to the 21st episode of Undead America...We are final legal to get our drink on here at the podcast! For your enjoyment: Whedon News, Season Four's Beer Bad and drinking in the Buffyverse, "The Chain" Season 8 comic review, and a Designer Imposter segment on Six Feet Under!

Warning! This a long ass episode. And my garageband decided it hates me so there is a bit of sound weirdness...i am aware of it so don't send me 20 emails telling me about it. Thanks!


-Farsape get's webisodes!
-Comiccon this weekend!
-Go check out online trailers for the Cloverfield film from JJ Abrams and written by our very own Drew Goddard. Looks sweet!
-David Greenwalt has a new vampire show for the fall season called Moonlight on CBS! Also featuring Jason Dohring! (Logan from my beloved Veron Mars!)
-Buffy Singalong got a spot on NPR
-If Magazine has a swell interview with ASH: part one and part two
-Sponsor me for Slayathon!

Toys section:

Blue Sun travel posters...I adore them

Premium format Spike Review

Capt. Mal bust images!

Buffy Sereis 3 Deluxe Figures Review!


-Steven DeKnight Interview
-Buffy as a gateway comic book article

Book Report: State of Buffy Books by BuffySMGLover aka Tim Cox!

Designer Imposter: Six Feet Under by Prof Elizabeth

Episode Review: Beer Bad

Interview with Doug Petrie on episode!

Beer Bad related Fan Fiction (mostly naughty)
Cave Buffy fan fiction

1 comment:

Tim Cox / Buffysmglover said...

Great episode! Nothing new there! Thnx for including my article. Are you going to put the book review in ep 22 or 23? I figured youd conclude GoAskMalice with ep22.

Again, great episode. A whole 1 hr and 5minutes of enjoyment. Much more time then you get out of reading an issue of Season 8!