Friday, June 20, 2008

No rest for the weary...

Still working on editing...tis been a crazy two weeks. But a new cast is coming...

In the meantime...if you've not checked out the Justice League Cartoon...please do so. It's a veritable cornucopia of former Whedonites...and darn good too boot.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Undead America Store!

In case you weren't aware...there is an Amazon Undead America Store...I have loaded it with lots of Whedony goodness. If you buy something...or even just search for something specific that you want by starting here and using the search bar...then I get a tiny cut...which helps defray the costs of running this podcast thingamajig...I'm just saying....

New Podcast Equipment??

So I am thinking of purchasing this rig to do some "field" recording at the various conventions this summer. Does anyone have this? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Also, the next episode has been started yall..I hope to finish it up tonight perhaps. I had a grand time re-watching glad everyone recommended it for this episode!