Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Save Evil Squirrel Comics in Rogers Park!

This is my new comic store.  I heart it! Why?  Friendly dudes.  A nice subscription serviceKnitting Night. Kid's Movie Club,  A mutual love for horror and Buffydom....did I mention a Knitting Night?  Well you should check it out.  Its right around the corner from the Mayne Stage (where we rocked it at Deathscribe a few days ago) a hop skip and jump from the Morse Redline stop and close to our good good buddies at the Lifeline TheatreEvil Squirrel Comics is in a bit of financial woesomeness and I really don't want another awesome comic book store to close yall.  They are amazing community centers to meet people and share ideas, as well as being the place that I buy my floppy cartoon fix.  We need local businesses like Evil Squirrel.  So stick it to the Barnes and Noble your comics, games, t-shirts, and toys from a friendly awesome local business like Evil Squirrel! 

Also...TODAY there is a Groupon Now!  And it is new comic day!  Weeee!  Ask for suggestions when you get there and you can get yourself a sweet comic or pick up a few Christmas presents.  I recommend Locke and Key...or Swamp Thing.  I am planning to pick up DC Super Pets, Patrick the Wolfboy, and Tiny Titans for my nieces for Christmas.  And perhaps a Munchkin game for the teens?  And don't forget a plushy Cthulhu...

Monday, September 12, 2011

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Everything's Coming up Whedon at Chicago Comic Con

If you did not already seems like just about every star from anything Joss Whedon will be at this summer's Chicago Comic Con.  I am feeling a bit overwhelmed at the whedony goodness. They still have special Buffyfest VIP tickets available.

Julie Benz
Charisma Carpenter
Nicolas Brendon
Kelly Donovan
James Marsters
Clare Kramer
Mercedes McNab
Felicia Day
Morena Baccarin

Monday, May 02, 2011

See The Mayor on stage in Chicago in The Madness of King George....

Harry Groener is starring in the Madness of King George at Chicago Shakespeare.  I am thinking about seeing it.  It is gotten some great reviews and two of my friends are in it.  I hate to drop cash on pricey plays though when I can see three shows for the cost of one Chicago Shakes ticket...but it is THE MAYOR after all....

I miss you Buffy....listening to the soundtracks....

It's a long day at work today.  I am pushing through trying to get a bunch of costumes sewn in a jiffy.  needing some motivation, I popped in all the Buffy soundtracks.  It is amazing how much these songs are tied to the show in my brain...and how the show is so tied to emotions and memories in my brain as well.  Each song elicits a specific response and all of them make me miss this show so much.  Perhaps that is why I lost interest in the comic?  I think the music was that final amazing element of the show...

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

New Buffy and Angel DVD Boxsets 65% for a short time....

They have repackaged the dvd sets in slimmer cases. They should take up less space that way...but I am guessing that means that the dvds are stacked on each other in the case.  Which means the get extra scratchy.  It does not look like they have updated any of the original disc art, which would have been a nice update.

Monday, January 31, 2011