Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Save Evil Squirrel Comics in Rogers Park!

This is my new comic store.  I heart it! Why?  Friendly dudes.  A nice subscription serviceKnitting Night. Kid's Movie Club,  A mutual love for horror and Buffydom....did I mention a Knitting Night?  Well you should check it out.  Its right around the corner from the Mayne Stage (where we rocked it at Deathscribe a few days ago) a hop skip and jump from the Morse Redline stop and close to our good good buddies at the Lifeline TheatreEvil Squirrel Comics is in a bit of financial woesomeness and I really don't want another awesome comic book store to close yall.  They are amazing community centers to meet people and share ideas, as well as being the place that I buy my floppy cartoon fix.  We need local businesses like Evil Squirrel.  So stick it to the Barnes and Noble your comics, games, t-shirts, and toys from a friendly awesome local business like Evil Squirrel! 

Also...TODAY there is a Groupon Now!  And it is new comic day!  Weeee!  Ask for suggestions when you get there and you can get yourself a sweet comic or pick up a few Christmas presents.  I recommend Locke and Key...or Swamp Thing.  I am planning to pick up DC Super Pets, Patrick the Wolfboy, and Tiny Titans for my nieces for Christmas.  And perhaps a Munchkin game for the teens?  And don't forget a plushy Cthulhu...

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