Saturday, July 28, 2007

squeal! ripper a go for BBC next year! and more awesome news!

According to folks posting on Whedonesque live from the Joss Whedon panel at SDCC...

There will be a 90 minute Ripper movie planned for the bbc next year...i might wet myself.

Also Drew Goddard and Joss wrote a movie together...something about a cabin...

Oz will come back in season 8! Wesley will also be there in some way...and lots of badness occurs in the aftermath of Wolfram and Hart's downfall.

Joss is writing a ballet with Summer Glau!

Joss has a new comic coming out at Dark Horse called Sugarshock!

More Fray coming!

He is still up for the big damned sequel!

Oh yeah...and a SEASON 9 for the buffy comics!

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Tim / Buffysmglover said...

TJI: Anya in Season 8! ANd he's trying to fit Tara in!

info from CowBoyGuy @