Sunday, July 08, 2007

Episode #020 The Office, Buffy CCG, Malice, Chubby Cordy

Special Guest Jason and I talk Angel Season 4, Designer Imposter: The Office, Gaming: Buffy Collectible Card Game, News on Joss' Auction for Equality Now, Comics Roundup, and Book Review Go Ask Malice pgs. 101-149


Joss's auction and post on
Equality Now
Slayathon! Donate now!

Buffy Omnibus is out!
Buffy Season 8 #5
Buffy Season 8 Long Way Home TPB
Buffy Cover to Cover

Buffy CCG online or

Discussion on Angel Season 4 with Jason:
Jason's upcoming podcast! We Are As Gods!

Designer Imposter: The Office

Question of the Week! Evil Cordy: Love her, Hate her, or Ewwww?
Call the NEW hotline number at 206-424-9127!

Listen to my article on the recent Farscape Scapecast Episode #33!


PatShand said...

Please check out my comic review site:

I cover any Angel, Buffy, Spike, Fray, Tales of... comic there is!

Buffysmglover said...

LOL! You're going to have a million people asking you to send them cards... including me... pretty please? :) I'm still listening. Will comment about the rest when I'm done.

Buffysmglover said...

I very much liked the Office peice and the discussion with Jason. I hope that's his name. I listened to half of last night and half of it this morning. :)

shrekjdr said...

another Great Podcast! But now because of you I think I might have to pick up some angel cds and re watch them sometime. Because I too thought Fred was great on the show!