Monday, April 02, 2007

Episode #016 Sit and Spin Spike, Mr Pointy, & Veronica Mars

In this episode: News from the Whedon Verse, Toys and Comics updates, Designer Imposter with Veronica Mars, Podcast Monster with the Judge, Spike Season 2 Part II Character Review, Listener Feedback, DIY Whedon on Customs, Go Ask Malice Book Review on pgs 51-100, and more!


Made the switch to mp3...hope this is easier for everyone!

Browncoat Cruise Updates!

Runaways Saga Comic

IDW Angel Season 6 Comic

Designer Imposter: Veronica Mars!
Save Veronica Mars campaign
Buy Veronica Mars - The Complete First Two Seasons on DVD
Buy Veronica Mars Sountrack
Buy Neptune Noir: Unauthorized Investigations into Veronica Mars (Smart Pop series)

Spike Fanfiction

Spike Season II Character Review Part II- Sit and Spin

Go Ask Malice Review of pgs 51-100

Podcast Monster: Judge

DIY Whedon: Customs!

Custom search on ebay
Custom Forums
BTVSFIGS Forum Customs
TV I Like Custom Forum
Slay Alive Custom Forum
Fwooshnet Custom Forum

Request for Anyankus and Anya Bunny Fear Fan fiction Challenge!

Send me your thoughts about Selfless!


Fozziebare13 said...

Hey, I'm having some problems uploading this podcast to my iPod. Any ideas on tricks or tips?

alyrenee said...

hmmm...what sort of podcatcher are you using? itunes...juice?

sorry for the trouble...

Fozziebare13 said...

iTunes. I see it under the podcasts but it won't sync to my iPod. It sucks on toast because I've been looking forward to this for weeks.

Fozziebare13 said...

Hey, sorry about the messages but I got it downloaded, finally. Great work once again. Loved Long Way Home: Part 2. I love a great cliffhanger-y ending. I actually did the "gay gasp" when I turned the page and saw Willow hovering there.

Also, Joss has always been a subtle clue-dropper in past seasons (remember all the blood references in season 5?). I noticed there was a lot of talk about unity among the slayers this time: Buffy's speech, and Giles' advice to the girls, also the picture of all of the slayers sitting in a big circle listening to Andrew. Maybe Joss is trying to tell us something about the future.