Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Supernatural and Veronica Mars

Last night's Supernatural, "Hollywood Babylon", has to be my favorite episode of this show yet. Not only was the story great, but I love it when Dean has a good time....and he seemed to be in hog heaven in this episode. It was filled with great in-jokes about the film/tv industry as well as the horror genre. My two favorite bits were Sam complaining that the LA weather was more like Canada (which of was Canada since they film there) and all the stuff about craft services. We had so much fun watching this episode that we immediately began to re-watch it. You can check out episodes here. And drop the cw a line letting them know how much you love the show. I will cry if they cancel it.
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And also on the bubble is my beloved Veronica Mars. Our favorite spicy tiny private jane returns with new episodes on May 1st. Once again, watch and let the powers that be know that you love characters like Veronica and the Winchesters! I know I do. Watch Veronica Episodes here...
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SupComTabz said...

Looks like Supernatural IS saved... VM probably not.