Sunday, April 22, 2007

Potential for sweet Buffy dolls

So some of you may know that not only am I a rabid collector of Buffy figures...but I also collect fancy fashion dolls mostly by Robert Tonner (and a few from asian companies). Tonner just came out with some fabulous DC dolls and also the upcoming Marvel Spiderman etc. They are fabulous and make Sideshow toys look like ugly dimestore toys. In this interview, Robert Tonner expresses an interest in getting the Buffy license...i nearly lost my mind for joy. So check out the interview and then check out the fabulous dolls at his website. Then consider shooting them an email on their "contact us" page and letting the company know that you would be interested in a high quality buffy doll line. Really, I swear you would not be dissppointed!

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