Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Get your own Mr. Pointy! Signed!

BTVS Signed Mr Pointy Replica
This Diamond Select Toys exclusive Mr. Pointy is limited to only 200 pieces - each hand-signed by Kendra herself, Bianca Lawson! The oft-requested and truly fan-favorite weapon is made of actual wood, so vampires of the world don’t stand a chance! The distinctive gnarled curves of this famous twelve-inch stake were sculpted by Rudy Garcia with each stake individually packed in a closed box.

Price: $45.00

Product is available to ship in 24 hours.

I already ordered mine kids! Get em while they are hot! This is VERY well-priced for a signed prop replica! Yee haw... And if you spend $60...then you get a T-1 Chosen Buffy as well. So I added a $15 Glory figure to my pretties buy!

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