Monday, March 26, 2007

Anyankus Yall...and Bunny Fear Challenge!

So I am planning a Super Secret Bunny Edition of Undead America and I need your help to increase the fabulousness. So write me some Anyankus! (anya/anyanka haikus 5-7-5 style) Also, don't forget about the Bunny Fear challenge. Write anything from a 100 word drabble to a fan ficlit up to 2000 words describing Anya's bunny fear origin story. If you post them here...don't forget to sign in or leave your name in the body of the comment otherwise I won't know who sent it! Cheers!


Anonymous said...

4 Anyankus
by Wulfgar

Evil wicked pets;
Troll husband led to vengeance;
Fear nasty rabbits!

Wy do we all sing,
letting secrets show at will?
It must be bunnies!

Do I love Xander?
Left me, but I must hold on.
Vengeance is the key.

Make a vengeance wish.
I will make your dreams come true.
No midgets allowed.

alyrenee said...

Wulfgar! I love them...these are fabulous! More more more everyone!