Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Campaign for Gunn, Riley, Harmony, & Connor Action Figures!

I really feel that folks wanting to see Riley, Connor, Gunn, and Harmony in the regular line should write emails/letters to DST to voice your interest. It won't take long to do it...

Here is the email:

Here is the snail mail:
Diamond Select Toys and Collectibles, LLC., 1966 Greenspring Drive, Timonium, MD, 21093

Please make your email/letters short, conscise and spellchecked. Mention that you regularly purchase Buffy figures and would really like to see these four figures in the regular line. If we can generate interest in these among retailers, we increase our chances of getting DST to change their minds.

here is an example....

Dear _____________,

I am a huge Buffy/Angel fan and an avid collector of Buffy merchandise. I was very sad to learn that Diamond Select Toys is planning to end the regular line of action figures before giving us the final four starring characters Gunn, Riley, Harmony, and Conner. I would really love to see these figures executed in the regular line.

your name
your email

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