Saturday, March 10, 2007

Episode #014 I think this podcast's mostly Filler!

Whedon Verse News, Action figure Reviews, Comic News, Go Ask Malice pgs 1-50, DIY Whedon: Fan Film Forgotten Memories.

-Alexa Davalos on new series Raines
-LA Times Interview with joss
-Special 2-disc Serenity out this summer
-Common Rotation coming to Chicago
-Restless btvs forum
-Slayathon! August 4th, 2007

Genuine Molded Plastic:
-Electric Tiki tooned-up Buffy
-Regular Line Buffy figures ending...
-Voice you concern to DST, Cinequest, & Time and Space Toys!
-Gem of Amara and Anyanka's Amulet
-Review of Faith and Giles
-Review of Vamp Angel Puppet
-Review of Library Playset

Willow's Book Report
-Buffy Panel to Panel by Dark Horse
-Go Ask Malice Review pgs 1-50
-Interview with the Author at Slayerlit!
-Another interview! This one has spoilers!

Where Are They Now? Adam Busch
Adam's Band! Common Rotation

DIY Whedon: Forgotten Memories
Forgotten Memories Website!
Forgotten Memories My Space!

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