Monday, March 26, 2007

Be patient little ones...

I pretty much have the writing done for episode now I just have to record and edit. Hopefully the next one will be in the bag and out by the weekend. I am in dress rehearsals for my theatre company at the moment (i did the set design...if you are in chicago and want to see it...let me know...i might be able to swing a discount!). Episode 16 will feature Part II of the Season 2 Spike Review, more Spike-kus, news of course, buffy season 8 comic book updates, season 8 stories and emails, Podcast Monster on the Big Blue Smurf,and a DIY Whedon on purchasing custom action figures. Also in a future podcast, I have an interview with Emma Paige Langley, the creator of the buffy fan film Forgotten Memories and a Bunny Edition of Undead America all about Anya where Brian and I will review Selfless. If you have any thoughts on Selfless please let me know via email or head to the Slay Alive forum to discuss them in this thread! I also had so much fun hearing everyone's Spikus...that I would love some Anyankus this time around!

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