Sunday, March 18, 2007

Episode #015 Capt. Peroxide and Buffy Season Eight #1

In this episode: news, action figure updates, podcast monster: Order of Taraka, buffy season 8 #1 Long Way Home Part One, Spikus by Athenamuze, and a character review of Spike from the first half of season two!

Eliza Dushku in pilot: Nurses

Buffy #1 getting a second printing!

Podcast Monster: Order of Taraka

Genuine Molded Plastic
Sideshow ending their 12" figure line and a Q&A round up with DST

Comic Books: Buffy #1 Long Way Home Part One Review

Review: Spike Season Two Part One
The Modern Vampire in Buffy the Vampire Slayer by Stacey Abbott

Spikus by Athenamuze.

Please send me more spikus...and make sure you post your name...i have a bunch of anonymous ones that need claiming!!!


munchykins said...

yay for you! i really like your podcast, even the toys part, which ive promised myself i wont buy any (sorry) cos i just quit my job so i can't by pretty things any more :(

one teensy tiny request tho, could you put your reviews of buffy season 8 at the end of the podcast? i wont be getting my copy til... whenever the hell it gets here from America, and its really not as easy as you think it is to fast forward while attempting to drive

And is it just me or is there a few minutes of nothingness at the end of this episode? and last weeks too... is it just iTunes or me?

But anyway, love the cast! i listen to them over and over again, really really keep going!!

alyrenee said...

Howdy and thanks for listening! And yes...I will be sure to put any season 8 stuff at the end from now on. And yes there was some random silence at the end of this one. I have no idea why. i will try to fix it for the next go around. I had already uploaded it before I noticed the error...

And again...thanks for listening!

Oblivion said...

This is not related to this ep., but the show in general (since I'm not caught up yet). Do you know about It's the free service a lot of podcasters use to get free voicemail to use as a comment line for your show. I don't know how they stay in business, but they've been doing it for over two years now. Just wanted to let you know about it if you were interested.

And woah, this totally reads like spam, but it's not - I'm not affiliated with them in any way. Just a fellow podcaster and Sabre. :)

alyrenee said...

As a matter of fact, I was just listing to the Sonic Society today and they mentioned that comapny and I was thinking about getting one. It would be cool to play voicemails on the show once and a while! Thanks for the idea Mark!