Friday, February 16, 2007

Thursday Tv Heaven! Joss' Office ruled! Smallville, Supernatural, Earl, and CSI.

Thursday is like tv heaven lately. But only if you have tivo/dvr...because I would find it very difficult indeed to choose between all the shows I love to watch on thursday evenings. First Smallville...last night's episode, "Freak", marked the directorial debut of our very own Lexypoo, Mr Rosenbaum. I thought he did a stellar job and it was the first episode of the season that did not make me want to punch Lana for being a dunderhead. And Supernatural! Finally a humorous episode in what has been a very dry season for the most part. This was very reminiscent of one of my favorite X-Files episodes, "Bad Blood", in which the he said/she said story line made for lots of comedy hijinks. My favorite part was when Dean had a ton of candy crammed in his mouth. So funny. I know I have said it before, but I think a lot of Buffy and Angel lovers would really like this show if they gave it a chance. Its a Supernatural Hardy Boys with a dash of bad ass five by five Faith attitude. Then moving to comedy...Joss Whedon's first tv directing foray in years proved to be worth the wait. The Office was beyond funny last night. I mean the show is always hilarious but I especially enjoyed the vampy hijinks last night and that moment at the end of the show was really sweet. "Its a Chunky..." And of course, Earl is genius..everyone must watch it. And then finally I am a sucker for CSI. I like crime shows and watch a ton of them (Bones, CSI vegas only, Numbers, L&O SVU, and L&O Criminal Intent). And Buffy's own Mayor Wilkins was on CSI last night and I get the feeling he will be back.

And yeah...i watch a lot of tv. But I am a big multitasker and I am usually doing ten othr things while watching the making action figure customs or sewing costumes etc. Idle hands and idle thoughts...devil's playthings.

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