Saturday, February 17, 2007

Buffy figures go the way of the dinosaur...


TF07: Clear Room for New BUFFY

DST Revamps Sunnydale...

Diamond Select's ever-evolving line of Buffy the Vampire Slayer action figures is coming to an end... and morphing into somthing new.

The Build-A-Judge Series, now to be divided up into two, three figure waves, will send off Buffy and her 6" scale pals with a bang. Asked why, DST replied that all major and minor characters have been created, and it is time to move on to something new and exciting.

That new and exciting is REVAMPED, a new series of dynamically sculpted, diorama-like figs. Buffy and Angel were on display at Toy Fair in prototype form, each showcasing an interactive pegged environment, swappable heads and torsos. The gimmick on "Revamped" is that the fan can position the figure in numerous battle stances via the foot and peg system: From running up the side of a trash dumpster to slam that stake in the enemy (not included), to standing strong and fast for solo display. Each figure will feature minimal articulation (head, shoulders, waist). "Revamped" figures will retail in the $16-$20 price range with first two releases due out around this summer.

In addition, DST will be ushering in new prop replicas (Faith's Knife and Dulac Cross) as well as an exciting new resin sculpture series. The latter, will capture the Essence of...

* Angel

* Spike

* Willow

* Buffy

Each Jean St. Jean Studio sculpted piece will illuminate in some way (ie: candles with Willow, glowing blue archway for Angel, etc.) and will run around $125 each.

My thoughts... Dumb. Not giving us Riley and Gunn before ending this is really friggin annoying.

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