Saturday, February 24, 2007

Episode #012 Awaken Your Inner Prom Queen

Review Season 3 Homecoming, Kulak Demon, K. Todd Freeman, Go Ask Malice, Spike vs Dracula, and Buffy Accessory Packs.

News-Interview with Christopher Golden
-Win a Role in Buffy Season 8
-Nathan Fillion's Drive
-Bid Damn Chefs Cookbook
-Sumnmer Glau in Sarah Connor Chronicles
-Article about Joss in Comics
-Eliza Dushku's film Alphabet Killer
-fruity oaty bars shirt
-New Buffy Forum
-Jewel Staite returns to Stargate Atlantis
-Browncoat Ball 2007
-Review of Buffy Season 8 at

Genuine Molded Plastic-Serenity River Statue Delayed
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Accessory Packs Review

Willow's book report/Xander's comic Collection
Spike Vs Dracula by Peter David
Interview with Robert Joseph Levy
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Go Ask Malice Reading Schedule...Homework for next time pgs #1-50

Bunny Fear Fan Fic Challenge

Podcast Monster- Kulak
Kulak Monster Bust

Where Are They Now?- K. Todd Freeman
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Interview at Steppenwolf
Cast of Wicked
Another article on K Todd Freeman

Episode Review: Homecoming


AthenaMuze said...

The garlic is from the end of Wrecked (S6)

alyrenee said...

Thanks! I could not remember where I had seen it!


Beagle said...

Hi Alyrenee, I really enjoy Undead America. I especially enjoyed your bit on costumes some time ago.
I noticed while watching Ats, 3.22 Tomorrow that Lilah uses the term "Undead American" while talking to Wesley in the club in the first half of the ep. Thought you may want to use it in a promo or something if you weren't already aware.
Also I wanted to put in a plug for the Buffy and Angel Trivia Guide Forum. Come check it out sometime. There is a link on the home page of the trivia guide. I believe most anyone would find us quite inviting.

alyrenee said...

Thanks for the heads up on that quote. I will check it out. Do you have a link for that forum. I will definitely give it a looksee.