Saturday, September 27, 2008

My mini Spike doll....

Weee! Remember when i talked about that pricey resin ball jointed doll I had made of James Marsters...well it arrived today! And 'tis awesome! It still needs it's face-up (the paintjob), eyes, wig, and clothes. I have a body for him too but the picture turned out all blurry. If anyone is interested in getting one, head over to Den of Angels for more info. There is currently a thread dedicated to getting a group order for a Buffy, Willow, Vamp Willow, Vamp Spike, and even an Angel down the line.

Warning...these dolls ain't cheap! A head goes for around $100 and to get a body would be at least another $200...not to mention the eyes, wigs, and clothes can cost a ton. But they are very expressive, unique, photograph like a dream, and usually have an excellent resale value. And I have something that only 10-20 other people in the world there ya go. I am also getting the buffy head too...Spike needs his girl.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Tonner makes Twilight Dolls!

Weee! I sort of expected this to happen. I only wish he would get the Buffy license as well. Maybe someday....

Firm to produce collectible character figures in support of feature film’s November 21, 2008 release
Hurley, NY (September 22, 2008) – Tonner Doll Company, an award-winning designer and manufacturer of high-end
collectible dolls and figures, has been granted the license for character figures based on the much-anticipated movie from
Summit Entertainment, TWILIGHT, which arrives in theatres nation-wide on November 21, 2008.
Sculpted in the likenesses of the film’s lead characters - Edward Cullen (as portrayed by Robert Pattinson) and Bella Swan
(as portrayed by Kristen Stewart), - each fully-authorized, highly-collectible TONNER CHARACTER FIGURE™ (TCF)
will give fans the opportunity to possess their very own Edward and Bella for all eternity. TWILIGHT TONNER
CHARACTER FIGURES™ range from 15"-17” tall with multiple articulated joints for expressive movement and
mobility. In keeping with the fine detail and high-end quality of Tonner’s other popular product lines, they will feature
hand-detailed face painting, rooted hair, and authentic costuming.
Based on Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling book series, having sold more than 10 million copies domestically, Twilight has
captured the attention of readers of all ages, via its action-packed, modern-day love story between a teenage girl and a
“good” vampire, who must protect her from “bad” vampires while resisting his natural instincts.
Tonner's marketing division began to take shape with its HARRY POTTER film series and is now in full swing with the
addition of TWILIGHT. Romances are abundant in both storylines and have become much more important elements to
this burgeoning, sought after segment of buyers. “TWILIGHT was the perfect project to help launch us further into the
teen and adult market,” Robert Tonner, CEO and head designer of the TONNER Company says.
“I am a huge fan of Stephenie Meyer’s work and I intend to read everything she writes,” Tonner explains. “She is
unbelievably talented and it's an honor to be able to work on this project.”
Tonner plans to release other characters from the film in addition to Edward and Bella. “I want to make them all,” Tonner
admits. “I’m having such a blast reading the books and getting to know all of the characters. I’m also reviewing movie
stills, sculpting and designing. I’m completely immersed in their world,” he says.
TONNER CHARACTER FIGURES™ can be purchased direct via as well as at gift and toy
specialty retailers nationwide, including FAO Schwarz.
About Tonner Company
Headquartered in Hurley, New York, Tonner Doll Company, Inc. develops and markets high quality collectible Character
Figures and Dolls like Betsy McCall®, Mary Engelbreit®, Effanbee® Dolls, and the popular Tyler Wentworth® line of
dolls and fashions, as well as other licensed characters, including THE WIZARD OF OZ, HARRY POTTER™, GONE
About Summit Entertainment
Summit Entertainment is a worldwide theatrical motion picture development, financing, production and distribution
studio. The studio handles all aspects of marketing and distribution for both its own internally developed motion pictures
as well as acquired pictures. Summit Entertainment, LLC also represents international sales for both its own slate and
third party product. Summit Entertainment, LLC plans to release 10 to 12 films annually.
# # #

Friday, September 19, 2008

Official Dollhouse Blog...weeeee!

For some reason..I have been living in fear that this show would not be happening...but clearly it is! huzzah!

Question for Episode 29-Faith & Twilight

So up next...

Angel Season One : Five by Five and Sanctuary

Designer Imposter: Twilight

& Tell me your favorite Faith moment....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Deathscribe Horror Radio Play Festival in Chicago!

WildClaw Theatre's First Annual

Ten Minutes of Terror Radio Play Festival.

Chicago, IL—September 18, 2008—WildClaw Theatre Company proudly announces Deathscribe: Ten Minutes of Terror Radio Play Festival, Monday October 6th, at 8:00pm, presented at the historic Music Box Theater, 3733 N. Southport Ave, Chicago. Admission to this evening of spine-tingling entertainment is $15 if purchased in advance through our website ( or $20 at the door.

Continuing our pursuit of intelligent, imaginative horror storytelling, we solicited and received original works from both theatre and horror aficionados from around the world. We are pleased to announce this year's Deathscribe Horror Radio Festival lineup:

"A Crying Shame", written by Doug Lamoreux and directed by Adam Kozlowski (Lifeline Theatre, WildClaw Theatre ).

"The Friend", written by Jenn Udoni and directed by Jeff Christian (award winning actor and director, Seanachi Theatre and Shakespeare Project company member).

"Transmission Unknown", written by Charles M. Kline and directed by Lindsay Porter (Running With Scissors, Live Bait).

"Dark and Stormy", written by Albert Gerber and directed by Don Hall (founding director, WNEP Theater).

"Career Day", written by Chris Hainsworth and directed by Tom Mula (award-winning Chicago playwright, actor, director, and best-selling author).

This evening of five original horror radio dramas, performed by renowned Chicago actors, featuring live foley sound, special guests, and a live band in the Chicago's historic Music Box Theater guarantees a unique evening of horror theatre.

A "Best of the Fest" award will be chosen by a celebrity panel of judges that includes WGN radio personality and Chicago Theatre director Nick Digilio, Chicago Dramatists artistic director Russ Tutterow, award winning graphic artist Tony Akins, horror author and Columbia College faculty member Mort Castle, and The Goodman Theatre's award winning director Steve Scott.

Deathscribe kicks off WildClaw Theatre's thrilling second season, which includes H.P. Lovecraft's "The Dreams in the Witch House" directed and adapted by Charley Sherman premiering this fall, and Scott T. Barsotti's "The Revenants", directed by Anne Adams premiering next spring. For more information, please visit us at

The Music Box Theatre is near all forms of public transportation and is wheelchair accessible. Neighborhood parking near the Music Box is limited. Please allow extra time when arriving by car.

To interview any WildClaw company members concerning Deathscribe or our 2nd season, please contact Brian Amidei at (773)220-1258.

Episode #028 Destiny, Spangelus, & Wild Horses!

In this episode: my take on Angel season five's "Destiny" and a Music in the Whedon-verse segment on Wild Horses from Buffy season three "The Prom".

New Undead America Forum location:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Shiny Alert: Little Damn Hereos Kaylie Statue

sooo cute.
Shiny! The word epitomizes Serenity's unsinkable engineer, Kaywinnit Lee Frye, or as she's known to her friends, Kaylee. And now for the first time, Kaylee's shining spirit is captured in this limited edition, hand-painted animation maquette, designed by well-known artist Adam Levermore-Rich, creator of the best-selling Serenity: Blue Sun Travel Posters. The stylized statue brings together Kaylee's two seemingly contradictory aspects - savant engineer and girly girl - perfectly.

Smiling beatifically, the 4 1/2 inch Kaylee Maquette is sculpted wearing her mechanic's coveralls (complete with teddy bear patch) and holding her trademark rainbow parasol, standing in her work boots on a black resin base. Limited to 1,500 pieces, this maquette will be a unique collectible that deserves a place in every Browncoat's collection. Painted and ready to display.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Awesome Buffy Customs on Ebay Alert!

Heads up...there is some swell stuff on ebay at the moment. A couple of really spectacular pieces by WillowsWarlock both from buffy season 8 and a lot of other nice pieces. Please check them out.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Read the Book: True Blood vs. Dead Until Dark

If you liked the show..try the book too. They are really fun books and if you cannot wait to see what happens from week to week...well read the book and find out. The first episode followed the book really closely. I was pleasantly surprised.

Anyhow...I plan to cover this series and these books in a future podcast. i would love to hear your thoughts.

Buffy Official Score....Finally & Puppet Angel

If you did not know this already...the buffy score is coming out...weeee!

Oh and here's giant puppet angel:

Sunday, September 07, 2008

True Blood starts tonight on HBO!

Watch this. I am super excited about it. It airs tonight on hbo. I read all the books and love them and by all accounts, the show looks fabulous. I would love to hear everyone's thoughts on the first episode and if you have read the books.

Here's the True Blood Wiki!

And damn if Sam Trammel ain't super cute (he plays Sookie's boss Sam Merlotte's).

Go bears.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Buffy MMORPG!@!!@@!@^%@!


Revolutionary Massively Multiplayer Online Game First Ever to be Available as Both Fully Immersive 3D Environment and Flash-Based 2D Game

CENTURY CITY, CA (September 3, 2008) - Twentieth Century Fox Licensing & Merchandising and The Multiverse Network, Inc., a leading provider of virtual world development technology for Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs), educational and social worlds, and business collaboration environments, today announced the development of an original "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" MMOG. The virtual world will be based on the mythology and iconography made popular by the Emmy® Award-winning series. The announcement was made by Academy Award® winning producer and member of the Multiverse Advisory Board, Jon Landau, during his keynote speech today at the Virtual Worlds Conference and Expo.

The ground-breaking MMOG will offer a new experience for gamers, allowing them to play it either as a fully immersive 3D environment or as a Flash-based 2D game, where both types of players can interact. The game will be launched within "Multiverse Places," a new social virtual world from Multiverse. Currently under development, "Buffy" will go into "beta" testing later this year.

Landau, a Multiverse Advisory Board member, who is in production on Avatar—the widely anticipated Fox film from fellow Multiverse Advisor James Cameron—commented, "Multiverse has the vision and expertise to create the type of rich environment needed for the best possible game based on the 'Buffy' series. The resources are in place to develop a great MMOG."

Created by sci-fi and comic book legend, Joss Whedon, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" racked up critical and popular acclaim during its seven seasons on television. The series also inspired a line of top-selling comic books and successful merchandising lines with an avid fan base at retail. Fox Licensing & Merchandising (Fox L & M) continues to develop the brand for a number of targeted programs that reach its core market.

"Every once in a while a show comes along that lives long after its run on television, and ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ is that kind of show," commented Elie Dekel, Executive Vice President Licensing and Merchandising for Fox L&M. "We think that creating this virtual Buffy world is the perfect extension of the brand and will attract both fans of the show and newcomers interested in a great experience online."

"As a brilliant storyteller and world-maker, Joss Whedon crafts stories that expand perfectly into the new medium of virtual worlds," said Corey Bridges, co-founder and Executive Producer, Multiverse. "Not to give away too much, but when the 'Buffy' team finished the television series, they created the perfect launching point for an MMOG where everyone will feel like they're an important character in the ongoing story."

In related news, Fox's plans for the development of the previously announced Firefly MMOG have been delayed, but Fox looks forward to continuing its collaboration with Multiverse on this endeavor.

Since Multiverse's launch over four years ago, more than 25,000 development teams—ranging from garage developers to Fortune 100 companies to Hollywood legends—have registered to use the company's platform technology. In addition, several hundred pre-qualified customers have already begun building MMOGs and non-game virtual worlds with the Multiverse Platform.

A recognized industry leader, Twentieth Century Fox Licensing and Merchandising licenses and markets properties worldwide on behalf of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Twentieth Television and Fox Broadcasting Company, as well as third party lines. The division is aligned with Twentieth Century Fox Television, one of the top suppliers of primetime entertainment programming to the broadcast networks.

The Multiverse Network, Inc. is creating a network of online video games and other 3D virtual worlds. Its unique technology platform will change the economics of virtual world development by empowering independent game developers to create high-quality, Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs) and non-game virtual worlds for less money and in less time than ever before. Multiverse solves the prohibitive challenge of game creation by providing developers with a comprehensive, pre-coded client-server infrastructure and tools, a wide range of free content - including a complete game for modification - and a built-in market of consumers. The Multiverse Network will give video game players a single program - the Multiverse Client - that lets them play all of the MMOGs and visit all of the non-game virtual worlds built on the Multiverse platform. For more information about the company, please visit

Media and Analysts, please contact:

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Episode #027 Super Secret I'm Sorry Episode

Click to Listen!

I know you are shocked...i whipped this one out tonight to prove that I am not dead and I still love you. show notes will happen sometime soon...jsut not tonight as it's like 95 degrees in my sodding computer room and i am risking an electrical fire by sweating on my computer....

Tooned Up Statues
Judge Statue
Puppet Angel
DIM Mini-mee James Marsters
Robert Tonner Dolls

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Faith on Angel marathon coming up...