Saturday, September 27, 2008

My mini Spike doll....

Weee! Remember when i talked about that pricey resin ball jointed doll I had made of James Marsters...well it arrived today! And 'tis awesome! It still needs it's face-up (the paintjob), eyes, wig, and clothes. I have a body for him too but the picture turned out all blurry. If anyone is interested in getting one, head over to Den of Angels for more info. There is currently a thread dedicated to getting a group order for a Buffy, Willow, Vamp Willow, Vamp Spike, and even an Angel down the line.

Warning...these dolls ain't cheap! A head goes for around $100 and to get a body would be at least another $200...not to mention the eyes, wigs, and clothes can cost a ton. But they are very expressive, unique, photograph like a dream, and usually have an excellent resale value. And I have something that only 10-20 other people in the world there ya go. I am also getting the buffy head too...Spike needs his girl.

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