Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Shiny Alert: Little Damn Hereos Kaylie Statue

sooo cute.
Shiny! The word epitomizes Serenity's unsinkable engineer, Kaywinnit Lee Frye, or as she's known to her friends, Kaylee. And now for the first time, Kaylee's shining spirit is captured in this limited edition, hand-painted animation maquette, designed by well-known artist Adam Levermore-Rich, creator of the best-selling Serenity: Blue Sun Travel Posters. The stylized statue brings together Kaylee's two seemingly contradictory aspects - savant engineer and girly girl - perfectly.

Smiling beatifically, the 4 1/2 inch Kaylee Maquette is sculpted wearing her mechanic's coveralls (complete with teddy bear patch) and holding her trademark rainbow parasol, standing in her work boots on a black resin base. Limited to 1,500 pieces, this maquette will be a unique collectible that deserves a place in every Browncoat's collection. Painted and ready to display.


munchykins said...

:O no way, thats way cute!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Hey whattup! I'm not dead either. Guess what - some dude from Slayage contacted me about turning my presentation (/originally UA contribution) into a book chapter in a collection of essays called "Radical Interpretations: Reading Buffy as Text." I'm adding some stuff to it to make it more fancy-sounding, but same basic idea. Like, this will be on my cv and everything. Who would've thought?

munchykins said...

i am just... too damn hung over for a long comment LOL

but i've pre ordered my Kaylee!! w00t!!!