Thursday, January 31, 2008

James Marsters Returns to Smallville Tonight!

Weeee....first we had yummy James on Torchwood last week smooching with the hottest bisexual in the universe...and now he's back on Smallville this week reprising his role as supervillian Brainiac! It's raining men! Head over to Starkville's House of El for all your Smallville needs!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Buffy Plush Stake Crocheted by Me!

Well I got my box of knitting goodies from Knitpicks and tried making a plush Buffy stake for safe stabbing fun. I used the Palette yarn in Inca Gold. I sort of free form riffed the design starting at the pointing end and slowly increasing on the way up. In a few spots I would increase then decrease again to give it a bump would like appearrance a la Mister Pointy. Hope you like it. I plan to make a fabric version and maybe sell some since the originally planned soft plush stake never was made. I just need to find a fabric with a wood texture print. Or maybe print up my own.
Crocheted Buffy  Plush Stake

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Some Answer from Diamond Select Toys...

Head over to the BTVSFigs Forum to read the new "Ask DST" thread to get some answers to your figures and collectibles questions. Here is the gist: Willow deluxe exclusives don't seem to be going anywhere, no more Buffy busts, no more Buffy ornaments, the Faith exclusives are unlikely, no chance for T1 basically no more Buffy Figures period. Boo I say. Boo. I guess we will know more after Toyfair 2008.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Listeners of the Day: Munchykins and Oblivion!

Currently, munchykins (Sara) & Oblivion (Mark) are the best listeners in the whole world. And they know why.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sarah Michelle Gellar On Letterman Monday Night!

SMG on Letterman 1/21/08 most likely to promote The Air I Breathe? We shall see...

Friday, January 18, 2008

Help me fight's the link!

Okay evidently I have made it very difficult for people to find my donation page. So here is the link!

Thanks for to all who have already made a donation! Its awesome enough that you listen to me ramble about the Whedonverse...let alone going out of your way to support my family like this. You are all the best. Viva la undead americans (or insert your nationality...i know you guys are from all over!)

In Joss, We Trust!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Check out the Tooned Up Vengeance Willow

By Goddess this looks rad!
Get the full scoop here!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Episode #025 Shiny Silver Cast! Knitting for Buffy and Firefly, News, & Strike TV

In this podcast: News, Genuine Molded Plastic, Comics, Books, DIY Whedon, Read Along Physics of the Buffyverse, & Designer Imposter: Strike TV Alternatives.

-I started a new crafty blog at called Copius Spare Time...check it out. if I indeed find some spare time, it might spin off into a podcast as well. We shall see. Ican barely get this one going these days.

-Undead America has a forum courtesy of SHoE! There is a little corner to converse with currently one little conversation...but it's there for you all to talk with each other and stuff...join up and let us fulfill all your podcasting needs.

-Summer Glau's Sarah Connor Chronicales starts January 12th on Fox and is getting lots of positive buzz...check out my friends at the SkyNext Podcast to keep up with all the news and discussions on the show.

-Xander has an audio blog where he keeps us up to date on stuff.

-Electric Tiki Tooned Up Buffy Line!

-Power Star Collectibles has the Buffy Scythe Prop back in stock for $299 with free shipping!

Book News:
The Psychology of Joss Whedon: An Unauthorized Exploration of Buffy, Angel, and Firefly (Psychology of Popular Culture series) (Paperback)
by Joy Davidson
Book Description
Joss Whedon—creator of the wildly popular Buffy the Vampire Slayer, its spin-off Angel, the short-lived series Firefly, and the feature film it inspired, Serenity—takes a seat on the couch in this in-depth examination of the psychological gravity that has captivated his deeply devoted fan base. Whedon fans will enjoy a discussion of issues that are both funny and profound, from the significance of Angel’s mommy issues and the best way to conduct government experiments on vampires to what could drive a man to become a cannibalistic Reaver and the psychological impact of being one girl in all the world chosen to fight the forces of darkness.

One Thing or Your Mother (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) (Mass Market Paperback)
by Kirsten Beyer (Author)

No Future for You TPB

Serenity: Better Days #1 of 3

Readalong Whedon: Physics of the Buffyverse Intro and Chapter 1
Physics of Buffyverse Jennifer Ouillette.

DIY Whedon:
Spike: And I should do what with my spare time? Sit at home knitting cunning sweater sets?
Buffy: Would it keep you out of my way -Out of My Mind

-Bodice Ripper Awards Site for Giles art and fanfic
-Fiberfic Livejournal Group
-Buffy and Knitting Buffy Knit Along Group...
-Buffy themed knitting ideas
-Buffy Fan Fic and Pattern

Serenity/Firefly Knitting:
Jayne Knitting Pattern
-Knitting inspired webcomic on Serenity Tales called "Yarn" about Jayne's purling mom!

Buffy Crossstitch patterns

Wrap Up:
-Buffy Between the Lines is up to episode 5 now....get listening!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Check out the Buffy Custom Figure of the Year Awards!

Voting for the short list has begun. There are lots of great entries. So pick your favs or just enjoy the wonderful creations from the past year!

Shameless Self Promotion

Vote for me at Mac Cosmetics because I like free makeup.

Hexx and Forever Knight Buy One Get One Free!

DeepDiscountDVD has Hexx season One and all three seasons of Forever Knight on sale...jump on it kids. Sale ends 1/30/08.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Support Team Johnston! Fight MS!

My family is walking to raise money for National Multiple Sclerosis Society on May 4th in Chicago to support my sister Shelby's brand new hubby, Mike, who was recently diagnosed. So sponsor me and Team Johnston Strong today! Or better yet, get a team of your own together and participate in the 2008 MS Walk!

Click here to donate!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Writer's Strike got you down? Try These Shows....

Well thought I'd whip a little list of shows to check out INSTEAD of subjecting yourself to American Gladiators (shudder) or similar reality tripe (exception being anything on the discovery channel...I love all that stuff):

God Save the BBC!

Thankfully, the UK has us covered. There are several shows worth watching on BBCAmerica and many more available through netflix and the like. Several of these shows even take their cues from a Mr. Whedon as well. The most obvious being Hex, a show about witches, ghosts, and demons at a fancy-pants boarding school, oh my! I like it. It does take itself pretty darn seriously most of the time and, consequently, can come off as melodrama. But still worth a watch. Torchwood is also a keeper. A spin-off from the equally swell Doctor Who, the uber-hot Captain Jack Harkness leads a crack squad of action nerds to safeguard the world against alien threats. Its a mish-mash of Doctor Who and X-files with a dash of Whedon. I love it. Of course the aforementioned Doctor Who rocks. And both Torchwood and Doctor Who have sported Buffy alumnus as guest stars. Look for James Marsters to appear in season two of Torchwood starting shortly on BBCAmerica. I have heard great things about Life on Mars too and its waiting to be viewed in the netflix queue.

Things on now you might have missed...

Blood Ties: I totally missed the first season of this myself and need to find it. Its on the Lifetime network of all places and is based on the vampire fiction series by Tanya Huff and focuses on Vicki Nelson, female detective focusing on the supernatural...also has some super hot dudes on the a vampire. What's not to love? I have heard some pretty good things about this show...from men even who are horrified to be admitting they found something good to watch on the lifetime channel. Older episodes are available to watch online too. There have been two seasons and it seems as though Lifetime is going to be dumb and cancel it...when will these networks learn? Sigh.

Moonlight...i might go back and watch this one...especially since there are no other options and it does have Jason Dohring.

And of course....check out Smallville, Supernatural, Heroes etc. goes without saying...

Old TV to rent....

The Kindred: not many saw the tv adaptation of the popular Whitewolf vampire role playing game, The Masquerade. And some that did see it wished it never happened. I sort of love its ridiculousness. I played the game back when it first came out and pretty much loved any tv show or film with fangs. It also has some Buffy alums in it. Jack O'Toole from the Zeppo (Channon Roe), Wesley's rich red head girlfriend Virginia Bryce (Brigid Brannagh), The Judge/Vampire Luke (Brian Thompson), and Rack/Zachary Kralik (Jeff Kober) are all main characters. It did not make a full season so you can buzz through it in a hurry. The one interesting thing that the tv show and the game have in common is the concept of vampire clans...that different vampire bloodlines possess special traits. I always thought that was a groovy idea.

Vampire High...oh where do I start on this one? Hailing from Canada, Vampire High has the same set up to Hex just replacing spoiled english rich kids and witches with canadian rich kids and vampires. My sister and I thought it was wonderfully campy and we are still trying to get the rest of it to watch. Last I checked, netflix only had a season summary type dvd for rent and not the whole season. Lots of hissing and broody boys in bad ruffle shirts and the like.

Charmed: Yes I know. Its very silly. Still I enjoyed it. Its a guilty pleasure show. Good news is there are LOTS of seasons to rent so it will keep you occupied for quite a while

Forever Knightt: Before Angel thought it was cool to be a brooding detective, Nick Knight played a toronto cop stuck working the night shift trying to get redemption for his countless sins...sound familiar? CBS used to show Forever Knight in its late night time slots so unless you were an insomniac like me in the 90s...then you probably missed this show. My friends and I in high school were wild about the show. It had a similar set up as the Highlander series or a Buffy episode like Darla or Becoming...where there would be several flashback's to Nick's naughty past that would have some sort of bearing on the current case/crime he was dealing with in the present. And like Whedon's Angel, Nick came with lots of vampire baggage: his hovering nefarious sire LaCroix, an old vampire girlfriend Janette, human allies like medical examinar Natalie who know his plight, and also keeping his true nature a secret from those that wouldn't understand like his coworkers in the police force. The biggest difference is found in the vampire cure plotline that runs through much of the show and much less supernatural demon mumbo jumbo. There are three seasons that are currently getting the dvd treatment and the Scifi Channel will sometimes do a marathon.

Well these suggestions should keep your tv in magic, demons, and fangs for the time-being. Soon I will come up with a movie suggestion list as well. Until then, get renting and watching and let me know what you think.

Blink and you'll miss Giles in Sweeney Todd!

Well good news is...i am finally feeling slightly better. The headache has finally relented. The bitter cough is still there with a vengeance and my throat still feels raw...but there is light and hopefully a new podcast at the end of the tunnel.

Since I was feeling slightly human, I ventured out of my sickbed to catch Sweeney Todd this evening. As a costumer....this film was a major treat for the eyes. And for the ears as well. Sondheim's score sounded fantastic! That's one great thing about film need to be held to the dimensions of an orchestra pit. The other swell thing is being able to do tons of costume changes hence the fabulousness of Mrs. Lovett's seashore dream sequence. Johnny Depp was yummy and everyone looked fabulous. Sacha Baron Cohen was really funny and fantastic but a special mention must be made to a very LARGE supporting role played by something in his trousers. Wow! ( me!) Our very own librarian, Anthony Stewart Head, appeared for a mere moment though. Originally he was to have a larger singing part but the chorus songs were cut from the film version. Still it was nice to see him and damn if he didn't look dead sexy in victorian wear and sideburns. Sigh. The images would make for swell Giles/Victorian Angelus slash fan videos. Get on that 'kids who have lots of spare time to make up slash fan videos". You know who you are...

Friday, January 04, 2008

Even sicker...Happy flippin' New Year

If it is even possible...I am still sick, possibly sicker than ever. Its very frustrating. I would be podcasting if my voice were up to speed but it is very cracky and sore. So sadly kids...i've got nothing. But expect something as soon as I can speak without sounding like a long lost sister to Marge Simpson.