Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Buffy Plush Stake Crocheted by Me!

Well I got my box of knitting goodies from Knitpicks and tried making a plush Buffy stake for safe stabbing fun. I used the Palette yarn in Inca Gold. I sort of free form riffed the design starting at the pointing end and slowly increasing on the way up. In a few spots I would increase then decrease again to give it a bump would like appearrance a la Mister Pointy. Hope you like it. I plan to make a fabric version and maybe sell some since the originally planned soft plush stake never was made. I just need to find a fabric with a wood texture print. Or maybe print up my own.
Crocheted Buffy  Plush Stake


munchykins said...

ohhhh thats super cute!!

was that using round needles or normal?? cos so far my extent is scarves. oh and squares (im making a baby blanket for when my friend fiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally has a baby... i think i'll be waiting a while... but im pre-planning!)

alyrenee said...

I made it with a size D/3 crochet hook. The next one I try will be on size 3 double pointed needles.

StevenB said...

That is SO COOL! I really wish I knew how to croche cuz I would so make one of those.