Monday, January 07, 2008

Blink and you'll miss Giles in Sweeney Todd!

Well good news is...i am finally feeling slightly better. The headache has finally relented. The bitter cough is still there with a vengeance and my throat still feels raw...but there is light and hopefully a new podcast at the end of the tunnel.

Since I was feeling slightly human, I ventured out of my sickbed to catch Sweeney Todd this evening. As a costumer....this film was a major treat for the eyes. And for the ears as well. Sondheim's score sounded fantastic! That's one great thing about film need to be held to the dimensions of an orchestra pit. The other swell thing is being able to do tons of costume changes hence the fabulousness of Mrs. Lovett's seashore dream sequence. Johnny Depp was yummy and everyone looked fabulous. Sacha Baron Cohen was really funny and fantastic but a special mention must be made to a very LARGE supporting role played by something in his trousers. Wow! ( me!) Our very own librarian, Anthony Stewart Head, appeared for a mere moment though. Originally he was to have a larger singing part but the chorus songs were cut from the film version. Still it was nice to see him and damn if he didn't look dead sexy in victorian wear and sideburns. Sigh. The images would make for swell Giles/Victorian Angelus slash fan videos. Get on that 'kids who have lots of spare time to make up slash fan videos". You know who you are...

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Buffysmglover said...

I saw the film and loved it but missed Tony. What scene was he in?