Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Custom Action Figures on Ebay!

Sexy Fantasy Vamp Buffy

Sideshow Willow Repaint!

Nightmares Human Buffy

Buffy Vs. Dracula Willow

Victorian Angelus


Buffysmglover said...

You should head back to and post these. You haven't been there in a while. :)

alyrenee said...

Indeed I have not. I have been falling down on all my forum rounds lately. Just so many to keep track of at the moment. I will try to get over there this week.

Buffysmglover said...

I see that you did just that! What do you think of the forum? Isnt it great?! We have Brian Lynch loginning on at least twice every weekend as far as I can tell, although not making many posts. Felicia Day was there before she became uber-busy.

And check out the SlayAlive Myspace Page:

Also, now that the podcast is back up, I want to be as much invloved as possible. I have a mic, I have Audacity, and I want to help.