Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Support Team Johnston! Fight MS!

My family is walking to raise money for National Multiple Sclerosis Society on May 4th in Chicago to support my sister Shelby's brand new hubby, Mike, who was recently diagnosed. So sponsor me and Team Johnston Strong today! Or better yet, get a team of your own together and participate in the 2008 MS Walk!

Click here to donate! http://www.msillinois.org/goto/alyrenee


Oblivion said...

Hey, goof, in the form letter part of your donation page, you left in the text, "(insert your fundraising goal here)."

Reminds me of the old gag:
"Repeat after me, 'I,' state your name."
"I state your name . . .."

He he.

Oblivion said...

BTW, in case any of your readers/listeners are half as retarded as I am, you might want to make the donation page link a little more obvious than linking it in the post title. I clicked it purely by accident after looking around for bit like "Donate here: http://www.msillinois.org/site/TR/?pg=personal&fr_id=1190&px=1757573 "

Just sayin'.