Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Need more Corey in your life? Lost Boys: The Tribe

Well we all knew it would happen. Just when you thought the onslaught of bad gothy vampire/werewolf films was coming to an end...the powers that be dig deep to the root of it all: The Lost Boys. So here we have a trailer for the newest version of young teens lured into a shady, sweaty, probably smelly vampire lifestyle because a hot blonde dude told you to drink something. Hey, we've all been there right? According to the trailer, we will be treated to the motorcycles, bloody beach campfires, and goth metal soundtrack we came to know and love from the original...and even some appropriately 80's metal big hairstyles if we are super lucky. But the coup de grĂ¢ce is seeing Corey Feldman reprise his role as Edgar Frog. I don't know where you fell in the heated Corey vs Corey saga that was the 80s...but Mr. Haim left me cold...Viva la Feldman! Though his weird Michael Jackson love is still UBER creepy to this day. Both the original Lost Boys and this newer version seem like perfect Designer Imposter candidates, don't you think?

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