Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dollhouse Casting has occured....

Wee...we have some casting news. Head to Dollverse for more info!

First off...the super hot Tahmoh Penikett (Helo from BSG & Wes Keenan from Smallville) is playing Paul Smith. Fran Kranz (a dude) is playing Topher Brink, Dichen Lachman is Sierra, and Enver Gjokaj is Victor. Awesome news...I love Tahmoh and we know Joss is a huge Battlestar fan so this makes perfect sense. I have heard people grousing about how these folks are relative unknowns. So was most of Buffy and almost all of Firefly's cast...and look how that turned out. Remember...In Joss, We Trust yall... do not question his genius...or question but wait and see how it turns out. My only gripe is the hard time I am going to have pronouncing these peoples names for a podcast. Ugh.

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