Tuesday, November 14, 2006

You know you wanna send me a Spike-ku...

Shout out for Spike-ku's

Its haiku-time Whedon style. Post some haikus in the 5-7-5 style (five syllables, then seven, then five). I'll start:

Skulking by her house,
In hope of seeing her face.
Why must I love her?

That was way lame...I am sure you can do better! My favorite one will get a scooby snack (prize).


AthenaMuze said...

Did you want them by email?

alyrenee said...

You can post it here!

AthenaMuze said...

ok here you go... You may want to change your settings so that people without blogger can post too.

Oh so beautiful
Undead Englishman yes Spike
The soulful big bad

First I was afraid
Then I found myself laughing
Spike, vampire in love

Oh the tinkling sound
of her effulgent laughter
Spike, he is love’s bitch