Monday, November 27, 2006

Episode #007 A Very Undead Christmas!

News from the Buffy Verse, Holiday Where Are They Now with Dawn and Giles, Buffy Gift Guide, Willow's Book Report, and an Essay/Review of Amends: A Very Buffy Christmas.

-Fanboy Radio-Interview with Joss Whedon Itunes link
-Another article on fashion in the buffy verse
-Michael Crawford's Review of the Week Buffy and Angel Christmas Ornaments
-Night Before Christmas Buffy Poem
-Buffy Once More With Feeling Sing-a-Long Interview with Joss Whedon about Buffy Season 8 comics!
-A Buffy, Buffy Christmas Fan Fiction Musical
-Artificial Sweetener Website with gorgeous Buffy Art Wallpapers....and a great one from Amends
-Buffy Holiday Fan Fiction (including some crazy holiday slash fiction...if you ever wondered what giles and spike might do on a randy christmas eve...head over to this site...)

Willow's Book Report:
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-Recent and Upcoming Buffy Fiction Books: Go Ask Malice, Blackout, Portal Through Time, Bad Bargain, and The Deathless.

Where Are They Now?
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-Black Christmas with Michelle Trachtenberg opens on 12/25/06
-Anthony Stewart Head to reprise his role as Prime Minister in the Little Britain 2006 Christmas Special!

Genuine Molded Plastic: Buffy Gift Guide!
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Essay: A Very Buffy Christmas with "Amends"!

-Another Great Essay about Amends by Carrie-Anne Dedeo
-Info on musical score for this episode
See the Christmas 1-800-COLLECT Buffy Promo

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