Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Episode #005 Tall, Dark, & Brooding

Tall, Dark, & Brooding Podcast- All about Angel!

Genuine Molded Plastic: Angel Plush and Sideshow Figures
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Sideshow Toys Buffy and Angel Figures

Where Are They Now? Evil Legal Trio: Lilah, Lindsay, & Gavin
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Christian Kane's Band Website!

Review of "City of" with Brian!
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Designer Imposter: Dark Angel
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Best Dark Angel Fansite!

Next episode:
Buffy Vs. Dracula Review, Spike Vs. Dracula Comic, Rudolph Marting and more!

Send me some Spike-kus!

And once again...apologies all around for the random sound quality and mono-ness. I really have no idea what I am doing. I did buy a podcast for dummies book that will hopefully resolve some of these mysteries. Have not had the chance to really read it though. But keep hope alive!


karma mama said...

i just wanted to tell you that i love the podcast!!!! especially the toy section i wasen't sure about the designer imposter because i don't tend to watch other shows i'm just a die hard buffy fan but you really have opened me up to maybe finding some of these seasons on dvd :)
please keep putting the podcasts out and i'll keep listening

alyrenee said...

Thanks so much! Glad to hear I am not just doing these for myself!