Monday, November 27, 2006

Top Ten Buffy Christmas Gifts!

#1 Joss Whedon is My Master T-shirt
#2 Buffy 2007 Calendar
#3 Buffy or Angel Magazine Subscription
#4 Buffy and Angel Games: RolePlaying Game , Buffy Card Game , the board game, playing cards, or x-box games
#5 Buffy Fiction books like The Gatekeeper trilogy or the Dark Willow Trilogy
#6 Buffy Christmas Ornaments
#7 Buffy Scythe
#8 Buffy Chosen Collection DVD Set
#9 Serenity DVD or Firefly The Complete Series DVD
#10 Stocking Stuffers: Willow's Witch Pez, Buffy Palz, Buffy Action Figures.


Anonymous said...

I can not say enough how much i adore your podcast. You do such a great job and cover so many things, and your obvious love for Buffy the Vampire Slayer just comes through with every podcast.

I love the list of Buffy gifts, i should have asked for some of those things on my list lol. I did get a good friend of mine Five Seasons of Angel for Christmas because he enjoys Angel more than Buffy, crazy guy! I really want that book too so its gonna be hard to give it away lol.

I wanted to send in a few Spike-kus just because I can't sleep and i love Spike. So here they are:

You can bite my neck
Platinum and leather, so hot
Time to watch School Hard.

You've always been bad
Is it wrong to love you so?
I have to say no.

In the car today
Soulful Spike was on my mind
I got honked at twice

I know they're goofy but, but i make no apologies when it comes to Spike. Thanks for an awesome podcast.

AthenaMuze said...

ok, I just can't help it. I keep thinking of more of these...

The words he longed for
Two hands clasped, encased in flames
“Thanks for sayin’ it.”

Like sex with robots,
vampire love is not strange.
Just ask Spike, he knows.

Oh the miracle,
of the blossoming onion.
Tell and I’ll bite you.

alyrenee said...

Huzzah...these are all great...tee hee! I love them. Currently you are both getting a prize for awesomeness!


Anonymous said...

I cannot remember if you said you read the various comics from Buffy and Angel but if you do, maybe that would be a cool thing to do sometime, a segment on the comics or reviews or something. I want to start reading some of them and I feel completely lost. That is if you're looking for suggestions, if not don't mind me and don't change a thing.

Also, damn, lol, i had so much fun writing my last Spike-kus that i wrote a few more and wanted to post them, but i should have known AthenaMuze would blow mine out of the water! Those were really awesome. Anyway here are mine:

The cat next to me
He's so sweet and sensitve
His name, William
(yes, i named my cat William, because when we first got him he was so sweet and loving and just reminded me of William/Spike)

Nervous in the car
Says, "Do you like the Ramones?"
Yes, I do now Spike

Sunnydale sign gone
Massive crater in the earth
"What did this?" Spike did

Anyway cool little thing to do, i don't think I'd written a haiku since the 6th grade and they certainly weren't this fun.

alyrenee said...

Yeah more spike-ku's! I love these...i am hoping to get Brian to read some of these with a fun accent.

Yes I do read the comics. I did do a short review on the angel comic in episode 6..Angel the Curse.

I have read most fo the buffy comics thus far and I would be happy to go back and review them. thanks for the suggestion.