Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wildclaw Deathscribe: 10 Minutes of Terror!

WildClaw Theatre's 1st Annual Deathscribe:
Ten Minutes of Terror Radio Play Festival,
At The Music Box Theater, Monday October 6th.

Chicago, IL—August 22nd, 2008—WildClaw Theatre Company proudly announces the 1st annual Deathscribe, Ten Minutes of Terror Radio Play Festival, on Monday October 6th, at 8:00pm presented at the historic Music Box Theatre, 3733 N. Southport Ave, Chicago. Admission to this evening of horrific entertainment will be $20.

This evening of 5 original horror radio dramas, directed and acted by a collection of renowned Chicago theatre artists will be the first event of WildClaw Theatre's thrilling 2nd season. There will be a "Best of the Fest" award, with the winner chosen by a celebrity panel of judges on the night of the performance, and the entire evening will be recorded for a future WildClaw Blood Radio Podcast.

"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown." – H.P. Lovecraft.

In this new millennium, the information age, this era of instant communication, it is more difficult than ever to truly frighten an audience. Everyone knows so much. Therefore, time and again, graphic violence and shock become easy substitutes for that unique, spine tingling dread that truly captivates an audience. Disgust and revulsion are easier than suspense, intrigue, and terror. It is our mission with WildClaw Theatre to engage our audience by appealing to their imagination, taking them on strange journeys of dread, suspense, terror and wonder. In other words, Horror Theatre. Deathscribe continues that pursuit of intelligent, imaginative horror storytelling. After the success of our inaugural production, Arthur Machen's The Great God Pan, we continue exploring the history and evolution of the horror genre through a performance of live horror radio plays. Horror radio gave millions of radio listeners their weekly fix of terror from the 1930's through the 1960's, until television finally pushed it out of the picture. Horror radio directly engages the imagination of the audience, using only deft storytelling to arouse fear and terror in the collective mind of the listener.

Deathscribe, Ten Minutes of Terror Radio Play Festival will consist of five original ten minute horror radio dramas, with live foley sound and a live band for accompaniment. Admission for this evening of horrific entertainment will be $20.This guarantees to be a unique and thrilling evening of horrific entertainment, as well as a grand kickoff to WildClaw Theatre's thrilling second season, which includes H.P. Lovecraft's "The Dreams in the Witch House" directed and adapted by Charley Sherman, and Scott T. Barsotti's "The Revenants", directed by Anne Adams. For more information, please visit us at www.wildclawtheatre.com

To interview any WildClaw company members concerning Deathscribe, please contact Brian Amidei at (773)220-1258.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Take time to reconnect with SlayAlive Forums

Tim pointed out at Slayathon that the Slayalive forums are very groovy. I have been oh so wretched about visiting the forums recently...and I see that I have been missing alot. In addition to being a viable and active online community, both Scott Allie of Dark Horse Comics, as well as Brian Lynch from IDW Comics are regular visitors and posters on the forum. So if you want to hear comics news straight from the source and share in your love for Buffy and Angel and all things Whedon...please check out the Slayalive forums!
Brian Lynch has even started a Q & A thread about Spike After the Fall!

New Buffy Sketchbook: Faith!

From Cinequest.com

et the second special Buffy Season 8 Sketchbook by Georges Jeanty, interior artist and variant cover artist for the great Buffy Season 8 comics from Dark Horse and Joss Whedon.

This, the second Buffy sketchbook from Jeanty, collects thumbnails, preliminary sketches, never-before-seen sketches and other miscellaneous drawings from the “No Future for You” story arc, issues #6-9 of the Eisner Award winner for best new series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 comic.

- 5 ½” x 8 ½ (square bound)
- 32 pages
- Color front and back covers
- B&W interior

Jeanty will personally autograph each copy and provide an original sketch on each cover. Shipping is $6.00 per copy via U.S. mail. All orders must be received by September 1 (due to limited quantities); copies will ship in mid September. Club discounts do not apply due to the limited nature of this product.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Season Two of Buffy Between the Lines!

FYI...Season Two has started. Listen to it. Everyone is doing it. It's the coolest.

A Taste of Animated Buffy

Thanks again to Kassi...

Sigh this would have been sooo awesome. I guess we can live in hope that Cartoon Network could still bite?

And here's an animatic version of the intro.

Huzzah New Buffy DS Game!

huge thanks to Kassi for letting me know...I am very excited. I adore my little pink nintendo ds and will be super pleased to have a Buffy game for it!

Here's the skinny:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Sacrifice combines third-person and first-person gameplay to create an all-new experience in the Buffyverse. The stakes are high for players as they take on the role of Buffy to seal the re-opened Hellmouth in an original story penned by Rob Deshotel, a writer from the TV series.

This action-packed 3D survival horror game sees Buffy using a range of special weapons, powerful spells and martial arts to take out vicious vampires and demons. In addition to these enemies, players also come across recognizable characters from the show, including Spike, Angel, the Master, the First Evil, Caleb and, of course, the Scooby Gang.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Sacrifice ScreenshotSee More Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Sacrifice Screenshot at IGN.com
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Sacrifice ScreenshotSee More Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Sacrifice Screenshot at IGN.com

Looks like its dropping this November! Weeee!

Browncoat Ball in Austin Texas...Yee Haw!

One of these days I will be able to attend one of these ...

And podcast IS coming...my voice pooped out again...it's very frustrating. But I think I can get it together this week. Fingers crossed everyone.

Monday, August 11, 2008

still coming

voice took a turn for the worse again...i hate being sick yall...

but the new one is coming...

Friday, August 08, 2008

Serenity: The Other Half Comic Online at Dark Horse!

Run Browncoats, Run to Dark Horse to read a shiny new funny book tale from the verse!

Slayathon Fast Approaching...

Don't forget...the annual event of Whedon awesomeness that is Slayathon is comin up soon. August 23rd to be exact. Please come! And if you cannot come...please donate! Head over to www.slayathon.org to donate via paypal and tell Alyrenee sent ya! Or buy a raflle ticket for another freaking unbelievable Magic Box custom playset! It will be an Angel-rific Slayathon this year and I for one am very excited about that idea!

I am still alive..podcast coming...

I know you are all sick of my lies on the subject...but contrary to popular belief, I am still alive and there is a podcast coming. I have had one recorded for eons...but at this point it's probably better to just re-record the thing and have done with it. I will probably throw up a sloppy unedited version this weekend. While at the Comic Con...which was awesome...I got really sick and lost my voice, which I only just got back yesterday...so my plan is to get some cheap wine...drink it...then record a podcast for ya all about Destiny, The Twlight Saga, and the song "Wild Horses" from Buffy "the Prom"...so if you have any last words on the subject, speak now.

In the meantime, the last of the Twilight novels has come out and I am steadily reading it. There is also a press and promo blitz for the upcoming Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire novels tv show on HBO called Bad Blood...I am sooooo looking forward to this. For on this and other vampire fiction laters....

And now.....me and a wookie.