Friday, May 29, 2009

Hulu loves Joss Whedon! Two Bloody Thumbs Up!

Okay, I know I am really really late to the Hulu thing. You know it's bad when your mom has used something on the internets before you have. So I decided last night to give it a try after failing yet again to get the netflix instant play to work on my Mac...grumble. Verdict: Hulu was fabulous!

I was also pleased to see that they have a whole channel dedicated to horror! You can watch episodes of long cancelled sci-fi and horror shows like The Invisible Man and the awesome American Gothic! There are clips from upcoming films like 30 Days of Night as well as full on movies like The Birds and Aliens. All without any cost, nothing to download, and limited commercials. You do need speedy internet and sometimes the quality can be a bit gritty. But goes along way. Best yet, you can watch our beloved Buffy, Angel and Joss Whedon's latest, The Dollhouse!

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