Friday, April 25, 2008

Buffy Ouija Talking Board Announced!

And just when i was lamenting the lack of good Buffy swag this year...we are hit with a bunch of new stuff: the scythe, the buffy tarot, and now a Buffy Ouija Board.

Here's the release from Dark Horse:

What is more conducive to speaking to the spirits than a game board based on the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? In the tradition of the Sunnydale Hellmouth, through which countless entities gained entry, let voices from the other side move the planchette along the board, choosing letters and numbers to answer your queries. Follow in the footsteps of Willow and hone your witchy skills, learning to communicate with the beyond!*

*Game board for entertainment purposes only.

Publication Date: Sep 24, 2008
Format: 17 5/8" x 12" board with pressed board planchette, includes an instruction sheet featuring all-new comic panels
Price: $29.99


Chris said...

Yeah, so I'm not much of a Ouija board guy, but you did say it's a 'Buffy' Ouija board right? Cause that word makes a difference! :D

Hey, it's me, Xander from the SHoE forums, didn't know you had this site...pretty cool place.

StevenB said...

OMFG! I'm so getting this! The price is in my range and everything...did you say something about Buffy tarot cards? What's that about? I MUST HAVE THEM! *searches on google*