Tuesday, December 12, 2006

More Firefly/Serenity news: toys and videos etc....

Check out Done the Impossible to get an awesome fan made documentary about bringing the Bid Damn Movie to life! Here's a link to the trailer...i think?
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Head over to Dark Horse Comics for info on the upcoming line of Serenity PVC figures...they look so very cute...
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Serenity PVC Set
By: Gentle Giant
Serenity fans rejoice! The master sculptors at Gentle Giant Studios have taken full-size 3-D digital scans of the main actors from Joss Wheden's blockbuster film Serenity and created a fabulous, realistically detailed PVC set of the favorite three crew members. This process has allowed us to achieve an unprecedented level of accurate detail, both in terms of the distinctive likenesses and the accessories and costumes. Since you can't get these actors to come visit you at home and sit on your bookshelf or computer, this is probably the next best thing!This is part of a continuing program of officially licensed Serenity items from Dark Horse, so watch this space for new releases. Publication Date: May 16, 2007 Format: Featuring Jayne (4" tall), Mal (3.9" tall), and River (3.45" tall), Packaged in deluxe, full-color window box Price: $17.99

Serenity in Disguise Ornament!
Due to overwhelming demand, we are creating a special variant edition of one of our most popular new releases, the Serenity ornament. This will be a special release, and will be limited to advance orders only. No reprints or reorders.As Serenity fans know, there is a sequence in the film where the crews disguises Serenity as a Reaver ship. We’ve taken the existing ornament, added a few sculptural details, and revised the paint application accordingly. Voila! Something special for the true fan.We will accept orders for this item until March 1, 2007, and will then set the print run. That’s it. We will not go back into production on this variant ship after that.Like the regular ornament, this version will have both a hanging hook and also a small pedestal base, allowing the ornament to be hung traditionally or displayed on the base on a flat surface. Publication Date: May 24, 2007 Format: 6" long x 3 1/2" wide, full color ornament Price: $24.99

Rumor has it more sculptures, ornaments, and other merchandise are on the way in addition to another comic book run! The more of this we get...the more the hope stays alive that we will get our Big Damn Trilogy! Shiny!


Tabitha said...

Ohh I want the ornament... gorramit I want them all!

Hey this is Tabitha from "Strangely Literal" the podcast... I'd love to swap promos with you if you are interested.. I keep looking for an email address but can't find one. We're on iTunes if you wanna hear the show.

alyrenee said...

Hey Tabitha...I was planning to email you! I have already listened to your show and love it. I was planning to play your promo in the next show!

Yeah I absolutely need all of this stuff. I already have two of the ornaments...now I will need more!