Tuesday, December 02, 2008

DIY Whedon: Give the Gift of Handmade Buffy!

Buy Handmade...It's the coolest...and you don't support the MAN.

Try Etsy for awesome stuff...Here are some ideas:

Buffy Monster Knitting Stitch Markers... and Scooby Markers

Festive DIY Buffy and Spike Top

Buffy Custom Figure by Jess!

Buffy Plush Stake Made by Me!

Spike Lino Print on Loose Leaf

Slayer Necklace

And this gal has hand dyed sock yarn named after Buffy episodes! Gotta love that...and I do love to buy sock yarn!


DivaDea said...

Cool! Could I add that I just sold this Slayer necklace and could make more? http://www.etsy.com/view_transaction.php?transaction_id=12132017

alyrenee said...

Yes mam, I just added it to the list.

munchykins said...

that dress is SO PRETTY!!!! damn saving over christmas :(

alyrenee said...

You have got a little something something coming your way missy FYI.

munchykins said...

LOL and you have an email, thank you!

munchykins said...

XD!!! my Kaylee just arrived too!! SUCH a good week!!