Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Shiny Alert! Little Damn Heroes Mal Statue!

Little Damn Mal!

I aim to misbehave.' With these words, Malcolm Reynolds, captain of the Firefly-class transport Serenity, let loose upon the Alliance the kind of retribution only a man with nothing left to lose can exact. And now the Mal, the man of action, is captured in this limited edition, hand-painted animated maquette, designed by well-known artist Adam Levermore-Rich, creator of the Blue Sun Travel Posters and the best-selling Battlestar Galactica Propaganda Posters. The 4 1/2" resin statue shows Mal ready for action, his gun drawn and browncoat billowing behind him as though he's just taken a bead on some Purple Belly who's earned his righteous ire. Details in the maquette include screen-accurate sculpts of his boots, suspenders, even his pistol. Only 1,000 limited-edition 'Aim to Misbehave' maquettes will be made, after which this design will be retired forever. Best get yours before they're gone for good! Painted and ready to display.

Regular Price: $54.95

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munchykins said...

already pre-ordered *squeal*

and i should get my Kaylee one soon too!! weeee!!!