Thursday, May 22, 2008

Check out one of my other Podcasts!

So once again I cheated on you. I just posted Episode #3 of Wildclaw's Blood Radio...but you buffy fans may approve. We discuss women in horror and there is an interview with vampire fiction novelist L.A. Banks.

Also, I just posted the first podcast for my other theatre company, Strawdog Theatre!

Enjoy...and I have started on the next episode the wait shouldn't be too hateful this time around!


Jen said...

I'm almost caught up and I have to say I love your podcast. I love the subject and everything but to be totally honest even if I didn't, I would still listen because your so awesome. I would listen to you read the phone book because you are that awesome! LoL Anyways hope to see a new episode sometime soon. If you need any help I am always open to share my opinions on Joss and his awesome work! Later -Jen

alyrenee said...

OMG..thanks so much Jen! Glad you love the podcast. I hope to have episode #27 out by the weekend!