Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Episode #018 Not Dead Yet, Der Kindestod, Forgotten Memories Interview, S8, & More

Hey I am not dead.

Buffy Between the Lines Audio Drama Teaser

News from the Whedonverse:
Support local awesome book stores like Women and Children First
Preorder Serenity (Collector's Edition)
Preorder How I Met Your Mother - Season 1

Genuine Molded Plastic:
Inara Strikes Statue
Ask DST update
Review of Watcher's Book Action Figure Set

Synopsis and Review of Buffy Season 8 #3 Long Way Home Part III

Der Kindestod and Folklore by Prof Elizabeth

DIY Whedon:
Interview w/ Forgotten Memories creator Emma Paige Langley Part I


fozziebare13 said...

New Undead America AND Upside Down and Halfway to Happyland on the same day? And I'm on one of 'em?! This is the BEST DAY EVER!

SO glad you're back Alyrenee

Jason (AKA Fozziebare13)

SupComTabz said...

Yes! We should have all coordinated to release on the same day (which is a fancy way to say I need to record!)